Mouki K. Butt



A lynx and some random things

Miscellaneous Lynx | 2018

Sad man at a grave

Sad Sunset | 2017 | Publication: The Broken City

Curling rock and broom

Curling | 2017 | Publication: The Broken City

Octopus taking a selfie with ships

Octopus Selfie | 2014 | Publication: The Broken City | See also: Day version

Sad man with minister and doctor

Mental Health | 2015 | Publication: The Anglican Journal | Art Director: S. Rowley

Canadian scenery with characters

Maple Leaf House | 2017 | Client: J Henders and S. Green

Girl juggling a soccer ball and a bus
Two happy people dancing at a bus stop
Man thinking at a bus stop

Cover illustrations | 2015, 2014, 2010 | Publication: The Buzzer | Art Directors: R. Willis, J. Despins

Ghosts at their summer home

Haunted Summer | 2015 | Publication: The Broken City | Animated by Sheena Gibbs


Family receiving health care

E-learning comic | 2017 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih & N. Favaron | © Fraser Health

Animals and cottonwood trees

Pamphlet illustrations | 2018 - in progress | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: J. Pfund | © Fraser Health

Health care stories

Poster series | 2014-2016 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih | More info | © Fraser Health

Patient education illustrations

Post-surgery series | 2018 - in progress | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: L. Nelson | © Fraser Health

Infographic poster

Conference poster | 2018 | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: C. Wilson | © Fraser Health


Young couple and puppy Mom, Dad, and flying kids
Family of 3.5 Family with big smiles

Family portraits | 2018, 2013, 2016 | Client: Various

Ice cream cone chihuahua Black jelly bean labrador dog Cupcake cat with rainbow sprinkles

Sweet Pets | 2016

Happy bride and groom with earl grey donuts

Krista & Lars | 2014 | Client: S. Fakih

People with fun hair

Good Hair Days | 2016 | Client: Palace Salon

Canadian womens soccer team portraits

Canada WNT World Cup Roster | 2015

Little Edie with her book and magnifying glass Juliana Hatfield with guitar
Pee-wee Herman with Mr. Kite Little Edie and her VMI dance

The coolest people who I don't know: Little Edie Beale, Juliana Hatfield, Pee-Wee Herman | 2015, 2014

Everything Else!

Pixel sunset, mountains, and ocean

Pixel Sunset | 2018

Cute girl dancing gracefully Cute girl dancing joyfully Cute girl headbanging

Dance sprites | 2017 - in progress | Collaboration with Sheena Gibbs

Woodworking tools

Darci's Toolkit | 2018

Pixel constellations Pixel sunset with stars Pixel Princess Celestia mane

Pixel art for Wolf Eel Beale songs | 2018, 2017

Pixel sushi Pixel coffee cup Pixel drinks
Pixel hamburger, fries, and rootbeer Pixel rain cloud
Rainbow pixel hearts Rainbow pixel name: GIO Rainbow pixel ribbons
Rainbow pixel circles Rainbow pixel unicorn Rainbow pixel eq

Animated GIFs for LED display (CAT Clutch wearable tech) | 2017 | Client: Creative Arts and Technology

A happy daikon on a bicycle

Daikon Bike | 2015 | See also: Daikon Bike II

Colourful bicycle rack designs

Bike rack crossbars | 2015 | Client: Urban Racks

Cute pixelated burger Cute pixelated daikon Cute pixelated durian
Cute pixelated boba Cute pixelated cupcake Cute pixelated milk tea

Happy Pixel Food | 2015

Hamburgers: Whopper, Big Mac, and Wendy's

Burger Bullies | 2015

Diverse happy people

Welcome sign | 2016 | Client: Comox Valley Child Development Association

Pixel sprites and props for animation

Pixel sprites | 2015 | Animated by Sheena Gibbs

Chemist with beakers Doctor with otoscope and stethoscope
Girl scooping ice cream WWII soldier with poppies Girl with festive candy canes
Surgeon with scalpel and syringe Man singing with birds Plumber with a wrench and plunger
Girl with festive lights Ice cream man with treats Baker with whisk

Town People | 2013-2017



Mouki photo

Hi! My name is Mouki. I am an illustrator who loves creating diverse characters and drawing all things cute! I also love making animated GIFs, brainstorming, and writing songs.

I live on the west coast of Canada, so I also enjoy swimming in the ocean and playing hacky sack (footbag).


☎ 604-816-6851

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