Mouki K. Butt


Scientist in lab

This is how science works! | 2018 | Publication: The Broken City

Sad man at a grave

Sad Sunset | 2017 | Publication: The Broken City

Cute girl dancing gracefully Cute girl dancing joyfully Cute girl headbanging

Dance sprites | 2017 - in progress | Collaboration with Sheena Gibbs

Octopus taking a selfie with ships

Octopus Selfie | 2014 | Publication: The Broken City | See also: Day version

Patient education illustrations

Post-surgery series | 2018 - in progress | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: L. Nelson | © Fraser Health

Hamburgers: Whopper, Big Mac, and Wendy's

Burger Bullies | 2015

Girl juggling a soccer ball and a bus

Cover illustration | 2015 | Publication: The Buzzer | Art Director: R. Willis

Family receiving health care

E-learning illustrations | 2017 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih & N. Favaron | © Fraser Health

Surgeon with scalpel and syringe Chemist with beakers Doctor with otoscope and stethoscope
Baker with whisk Man singing with birds Ice cream man with treats

Town People series | 2013-2017

Bicycle thief

Print advert | 2016 | Client: Urban Racks

Pixel Art

Cute pixelated durian Cute pixelated boba
Cute pixelated cupcake Cute pixelated milk tea
Cute pixelated daikon Cute pixelated burger

Happy Pixel Food series | 2015 | See also: Daikon Bike!

Pixel sushi Rainbow pixel hearts Pixel coffee cup Rainbow pixel eq
Rainbow pixel leopard print Pixel drinks Rainbow pixel circles Rainbow pixel unicorn
Pixel rain cloud Rainbow pixel name: GIO Rainbow pixel ribbons Pixel hamburger, fries, and rootbeer
Rainbow pixel checkers Rainbow pixel eq Rainbow pixel big dipper Rainbow pixel zebra print

Animated GIFs for LED display (CAT Clutch wearable tech) | 2017 | Client: Creative Arts and Technology

Pixel sprites and props for animation

Pixel sprites | 2015 | Animated by Sheena Gibbs

Pixel landscape Pixel mystery Pixel Princess Celestia mane
Pixel sunset with stars Pixel adventure game graphics Pixel constellations

Pixel art for Wolf Eel Beale songs | 2018, 2017

Illustrative Design

Infographic poster

Conference poster | 2018 | Client: Fraser Health | Project Leader: C. Wilson | © Fraser Health

Diverse happy people

Welcome sign | 2016 | Client: Comox Valley Child Development Association

Health care comics

Poster series | 2014-2016 | Client: Fraser Health Diversity Services | Project Leader: S. Fakih | More info | © Fraser Health


Mouki bio pic

Hi! My name is Mouki. I am an illustrator who loves creating diverse characters, drawing cute things, and making animated GIFs. I also love brainstorming ideas and finding ways to communicate complex concepts through illustrative design.

I'm one half of the Brainstorm Buddies - a collaborative project with my talented friend Sheena Gibbs. I also write songs and produce music as Wolf Eel Beale.

I live on the west coast of Canada, so I also enjoy swimming in the ocean and playing hacky sack (footbag).

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